Using Templates
Create content faster with templates. If you're creating a series of pages, or live streams on Mavenseed which share a similar format or page layout you're going to love templates with Page Builder.

Where can you find templates?

On any piece of content the page builder is active on, you'll be able to utilized templates. Templates can be found by clicking on the three dot menu next to the page builder icon.

You have four options with Templates:

    Save Template: After building your page, you can save the template. This will allow you to choose the template from a list of saved templates when creating new content.
    Export Template: Once you've built up your page using the page builder, you're able to export this layout and content out into a template file, downloading it to your local computer,
    Import Template: After exporting out your template file, visit your new piece of content you've created on the site.
      View the page to see the green buttons on the top right. Clicking the three dot menu, choose import template.
      Keeping in mind this will completely replace existing content on the page you're importing your template to.
      Click import.
Lastly you're able to Reset your template. In the case, if you've add a lot of content to your page via the page builder, and would like to reset it completely to start over, reset is your friend.
Be cautious as this does delete/remove the leafs and content you've added.
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