March 2022

March 1st - 2nd

New Features

  • New! You can now setup a custom Helpscout App to show customer info inside of Helpscout.


  • card excerpts are now truncated at 140 characters. Change applied to courses, downloads, live streams, posts.
  • improved card display with normalized heights, and button placement
  • Live Streams have gotten a huge face lift! With a new redesign they now more closely match the layout of a single lesson. Chat is now displayed when the stream is closed, in a new and fresh sidebar format.
  • added status of payment on admin payments index page
  • added a link to view braintree subscription in braintree on a braintree sub
  • added coupon data in admin subscription view showing actual recurring total


  • fixed webhooks not hitting if site was locked
  • fixed product leaf sometimes not showing the correct product saved
  • fixed blockquote display with longer text
  • fixed weird hover state with dropdown menus on mobile with main site nav
  • fixed mailchimp tagging error with free signup
  • question answers are now paginated
  • fixed letter in default avatar of customers with no custom avatar
  • fixed incorrect path to stripe on customer
  • fixed percentage discounts not displaying correctly on subscriptions
1:34 PM
  • fix formatting of expiration on braintree subscription sync leading to false positive
  • show and allow braintree id to be edited in admin subscription form
  • fix error when adding multiple sub categories to the course in admin
  • fixed post image uploads not working

March 3rd

  • Customer search is now driven through Elasticsearch and offloaded from the server, providing near instantaneous results.

March 7th

  • let lessons be searched by slug
  • let livestreams be searched by old slug
  • updated the valid_subscription? method to allow canceled subs that haven't yet reached expiration
  • added payment method field to subscription form in admin while editing
  • fixed customer dashboard error from events assuming there's an attached association
  • fixed error on lesson page sometimes happening due to a course with no product
  • fixed the index for Braintree subs leading to admin create/update not working for multiple manual BT subs

March 8th

  • fixed bug with saved sub categories being removed from view while editing content
  • fixed author block not displaying properly
  • fixed community questions not sortable by date opts
  • let exercises be configured with a video or embed like lessons
  • subscription sync utility

March 9th

  • patched author block showing twice if game points are present on a course
  • fixed sketchfab and youtube embeds not being show when the customer is viewing their submission from within the customer dashboard
  • fixed slack bot to send to the right channel
  • you can now move chapters up or down with a click
  • fixed bug with exercises not being marked as tracked
  • fixed bug with IPN's not unloading due to faulty conditional
  • added a new tab to customer dashboard which shows the customer their progress across all courses (same one found in admin/customer/progress view
  • fixed game badges on customer view not overlapping if multiple are present
  • fixed sketchfab embeds not being responsive

March 10th

  • added scroll to answer on page load when in URl on forum
  • fixed html appearing in subject line on user mention mailer
  • fixed question sub service self notifying
  • show customer name in dropdown for search instead of f and l name
  • show all projects on customer profile with pagination
  • customer dashboard project path fixes in event activities
  • multiple misc appsignal bug fixes

March 15th

  • added script to fix migrated tracking data with wrong association
  • added status label to submission events
  • force by id order in admin categories to resolve improper pagination of results with same dates
  • show shortened form of pagination on live stream sidebar comments
  • fixed sorting by author in filters
  • fixed unique index on stripe id in subscriptions from passing blank

March 22nd

  • updated Shrine to latest
  • .gif support
  • refactored stripe, braintree, and paypal customer indexes to exclude blank vals
  • fixed admin customer subscription view if customer is team owner
  • removed conditional limiting 100% off coupons from being created since MS now supports this
  • fixed bug with bookmark view on customer dashboard from migrated data
  • added loves count as counter cache
  • fixed image manager not loading on admin events editor
  • fixed site owner/manager not able to delete comments
  • use usernames for all notifications fixes some users not having names due to missing f or l
  • removed scaling on active answer causing overlap
  • removed zebra striping on customer dashboard progress
  • start capturing location data for new subscribers for tax purposes

March 23rd

  • increased max image size to 10mb
  • send recurring payment transactions to TaxJar if enabled
  • fix code view not saving changes in page leaf editor
  • tweaked color on stripe subscription payment method to distinguish from paypal in admin subscriptions
  • fix code appearing in subject line of mailer for loves and follows
  • fixed "add course" button not showing when editing a playlist