November 2022

Nov 1st

  • added gift card info to admin and customer order view if purchased

  • Comment SPAM system moved to Akistmet

  • images can now be uploaded into exercise submission feedback

  • added steps to subscription checkout

  • comments on exercise submissions can now be buzzed

  • add customer notification settings for buzzes

  • fixed error with mailchimp unsubscribing

  • fixed gift card errors in checkout

  • fixed error with categories view and posts with same category

Nov 9th

  • New! The admin dashboard has been completely rewritten, and now utilizes widgets to craft your user experience. Additionally, the Activities "read" status is now per user, which means when you click on an activity it will only be read for YOU.

  • Stripe Webhooks infrastructure rewritten to be more resilient and faster

  • Stripe Webhooks will now attach themselves to the corresponding subscription

  • Admin/Subscription view updated to include recent Stripe Webhooks

  • Admin/Events view updated to include recent Stripe and Braintree Webhooks

  • Admin/Stripe-Webhooks page added to view and filter all incoming Stripe Webhooks

  • Extensive UTM support which includes saving these as cookies then mapping to the order or subscription

  • Updated UTM Campaign report to include conversion rates for pending vs active subscriptions and orders

  • Updated Free Registration form to ensure UTM data gets saved into the event

  • Redesigned custom merchandise variants for easier organization

  • Added additional information to the admin payments form when creating manual payments

  • If site is integrated with Mailchimp, we now send a few events - started_course, completed_course, viewed_plans, viewed_subscribe, subscribed

  • Fixed a Stripe sync issue making expiration dates appear one hour off

  • Fixed incorrect error on image validation

  • Fixed terms of service and marketing policies not appearing on first step of order checkout

Nov 15th

  • Add Supported Plans to Coupons which limits coupon usage to that of the selected Subscription Plan(s)

  • Add section and article to allowed tags, and aria to allowed attributes

  • Fix incorrect variable on tenant payment mailer

  • Fix notifyable error due to lack of migrated notification settings

  • Fixed free-signup tag not being removed when tags are reset in MC Tag Factory

  • Update Stripe Webhooks index page in admin

  • Fix error in admin/subscription show caused by webhook listing attempt for non stripe/braintree subscription

  • Fix new and Vimeo links not working in projects caused by regression to shorts fix

Nov 22nd

  • Introduce Page specific Header Scripts

  • Introduce Course difficulty

  • Introduce Status to Pages

  • Introduce tenant specific minimum google recaptcha scores

  • allow aria-role, autoplay, muted, and loop in allowed_tags

  • added UTM campaign tag to events listing

  • fixed cookie setting for course video hint modal

  • fixed Stripe Sync utility by considering a subscription synced if the expiration is within an hour of the vendor

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