Selling FAQ

Frequently asked questions about selling content on Mavenseed

How much does it cost to sell something on Mavenseed?

If you're selling something on Mavenseed, a transaction fee is collected for each purchase, or recurring membership payment. Mavenseed's fee is 8% for free accounts, and 4.5% for Plus accounts. Keep in mind the fee's negotiated with your merchant (Stripe) account are separate from ours.

If you're not selling digital content yet, Mavenseed is currently free to use for your personal website or landing page.

For $39/mo we offer a plan that reduces your per transaction fee from 8% to 4.5%, while also increasing the download limit to 500mb and the total videos uploaded to 300. If you have higher requirements, drop us an email

Can I sell my content without a Stripe account?

At launch we are supporting credit card payments through your Connected Stripe account. This enables customers to purchase with any major credit card from most anywhere in the world.

If you don't yet have a Stripe account then you may create one during our signup and on-boarding flow.

A full list of countries supported by Stripe is available here:

If you don't have a Stripe account and are not able to get one then you will not be able to use Mavenseed at this time.

Does Mavenseed enable me to collect and remit Sales Tax?

In brief we do enable the integration of the service for those in the United States for sales tax, and for our European friends we offer an Inclusive or Exclusive VAT setup.

Can I make free products?

You sure can! To make a product available at no cost to the customer simply toggle the Enable free access on your products Setting tab.

What about discounts and promotional coupons?

We recognize the power of timed discounted and special promotions for driving new traffic and sales to your Mavenseed store but we do not yet have support for these features.,

If this ability is important to your business then let us know by emailing We're always happy to listen!

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