Override Plans Page

Need to make changes to the default page at /subscribe? Simply create your own!

By default the page at /subscribe will show your active subscription plans. From here your customers can choose the plan they want to sign up for, then proceed to subscribe.

You can override this default view by creating a page with a page slug of "subscribe". The page title can be whatever you wish, so long as the page slug is "subscribe".

  1. Create a new page, and title it "Subscribe."

  2. After creation, you can change the title, but leave the slug as "subscribe".

  3. Click the "Build your Page" button.

  4. Add the Subscription Plans page leaf

  5. Configure plans to display

  6. Eat a cookie!

Mavenseed will detect that you have a custom subscribe page, and will instead show the contents of your new page.

From here you can use the page builder to build the page.

To show subscription plans, use the Subscription Plans page leaf, and configure the subscription plans that you'd like to have displayed.

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