Gift Cards

Create a gift card product and sell it to your customers!

When a customer purchases a gift card, the gift card recipient will be sent a one-time use coupon code. Getting this setup is super simple.

Create Gift Card

Gift Cards can be created under the eCommerce tab.


The title of the gift card product


A short description for the gift card product


The gift card amount, which is also the amount charged when purchased.

Subscription Plan

(optional - see gift subscriptions)

After creating the gift card, you can also add an image, which is shown on the product, and when the gift card product is shared on social media.

Sell Gift Card

After you create a gift card, it can be viewed on your site just like other pieces of content.

All Gift Cards - /gift-cards

Single Gift Card - /gift-cards/gift-card-name

At the checkout screen the customer will be prompted to enter the recipient name, email address, and an optional message.

When the customer purchases a gift card, a one-time use coupon will be generated and mailed to the recipient email. These can be viewed in the Coupons section, and are distinguished with a Gift Card label for easy reference.

We don't recommend deleting these auto generated coupons.

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