Your Mavenseed site has (3) policies that are automatically created when you create your site. They won't be publicly visible until you complete them, and move the status to "published".

These policies are displayed to customers when registering, subscribing, or placing a digital order, and can be viewed individually on their respective pages. They serve as the underlying foundation for your site providing support for GDPR.

From a 10K foot view, they work like this:

When a user consents to your terms of service, privacy policy, and/or email-marketing policy, we record that as a record into the database along with the customers IP address, the copy of the policy at the time it was created, and the actual checkbox from the form.

Having all of this data provides you with full compliancy against the GDPR.

Just a heads up, the URL slug of each policy cannot be changed, but you can change the title of the policy that's displayed when viewing the policy page.

Customers can control these consents within the Privacy Center in their customer account.

Email Marketing Policy


This policy determines whether or not the user should be added to your Mailchimp list and eligible to receive marketing emails. When the user un-checks the box, they are removed from your list.

Privacy Policy


This policy typically has information like what you're doing with the customers information.

Terms of Service


This policy should contain what customers can or can't do on your site.

When a customer views the policy that they consented to, we display that record to the customer along with when they gave that consent.

How to edit policies

Policies are specific to each site you have here on Mavenseed, and can be unique. To edit and publish policies:

  1. While logged in, using the avatar drop-down in the upper right corner and choose account,

  2. Click on the Sites tab,

  3. On the site you'd like to edit, choose the three circle drop-down menu and click Policies.

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