September 2021

September 29th

New Features

  • Questions in the community forum can now be pinned to the main page.
  • The customer dashboard now supports more than 3 active courses by providing a link to the rest on a dedicated page.
  • Customer avatars and names now link to the customer profile if the Profiles plugin activated.
  • Content page leaf has been updated with new options to sort by date, author, and category(s).
  • Added YouTube as a profile link option for customer profiles.
  • New option added to Subscription Plans that gives access to all content in the library without adding them one by one.
  • New Feature! Site admins and site staff can now BUZZ customers questions and answers in the community forum. Think of them as tiny-comments with a 16 character max.
  • Added failed payment mailer to main app
  • Forums can now be restricted to having a specific subscription plan
  • Added gamification settings link to game cards in admin
  • Course badges, XP, and authors are now shown on the lessons in the course as well as the course


  • Multiple import script updates and fixes
  • Removed the ability to delete a site (for now)
  • Bolstered the reset data jobs such that users can reset the entire site
  • Updated customer dashboard to account for more than 4 current courses in progress. Any more than 3 now provides a link to a separate page listing all courses currently being taken
  • Updated course import utility to accept a price_in_cents column, that when filled creates an attached product for sell
  • Posts now show 21 per page


  • Fixed child links not showing css class applied
  • Fixed pagination not being displayed for posts
  • Fixed livestream RSVP error due to missing mailchimp activation check
  • Fixed link modal display in page builder panel
  • Fixed incorrect XP awarding being displayed on game card in subscription plans while editing
  • Fixed newly uploaded favicons not being displayed correctly
  • Fixed position of Save This button
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September 29th
New Features