September 2022

  • New! Custom merchandise can now be created(outside of Printful)
  • New! Track downloads with new attachment logs instead of download events
  • New! Let Mavens optionally plant trees with Digital Humani
  • New! Customers and Users can now enable notifications and emails for Comments on Projects
  • New! When a user marks a Answer Notification read, we'll mark all the others as read too if they are in the same thread
  • Let Merch variants be also selected by Title if option is checked
  • Integrated TypeForm Invite (super tenant)
  • Fixed Heads Up! message on lessons sometimes appearing multiple times
  • Fixed course tracking not awarding points + added option for custom game points per course
  • Fixed billing tab be shown to users and customers without a subscription
  • Fixed duplicate editor instantiation when inserting image from media library
  • Total revenue reports now calculating from sub total instead of total