Coupons are a great way to promote your content. Coupons can be set up to be used on orders, subscriptions and or both!

Coupons are case sensitive

Meaning the discount code SaveBig is different than savebig Keep this in mind when setting up your coupon code.

Creating a new Coupon

Coupons are available on all paid plans. To begin setting up your first coupon login to your account and head over to your site admin. Click coupons on the left-hand menu. Click the green New Coupon button to get started.

1) Choose the type of product you'd like the coupon to be applied to; individual orders or subscriptions.

2) Choose the amount OR percentage you'd like to take off. You will have to choose one or the other though.

Mavenseed supports 100% off coupons for both orders and subscription. This happens in one of two ways:

  • for percentage based coupons, a value of 100 is set into the Percent Off field

  • for flat rate coupons, the Amount Off becomes lower than the product being purchased (only applicable to orders).

In the latter example, if you have a product for $50, but the customer has a $100 off coupon, then the checkout will be converted to a free checkout.

3) Enter your Coupon Code. By default we'll auto generate a coupon code for you. You're welcome to edit to something else. Keeping in mind coupon codes are case sensitive.

4 Additional Subscription Coupon Information (Optional) and only applies if you've set the coupon to support subscriptions.

5) Redemption Settings (Optional) Use these options to choose a date that the coupon must be used before, or a limit on how many times it can be used.

6) Regional Pricing (optional) - These settings allow you to support purchasing power parity. In a nutshell, if we assume a cappuccino in the U.S costs $4, that doesn't mean that everyone else in the world can afford it. Considering purchasing power parity, that same cappuccino should cost a lot less in some other countries.

With Regional Pricing, you can setup a coupon to be restricted to use by a certain country. When the customer is checking out, we'll display a message to the customer, with the coupon code and a prompt to use it, if needed.

To help with calculating what type of discount you should assign to the coupon, follow this link.

Only users who are visiting from the supported countries will be able to claim the coupon.

7) Supported Products (optional)

Here you can specify what products are able to be claimed with the coupon. If you leave this field blank, the coupon will work with all products. If you add a product here, then only that product will be able to claim the coupon, and the coupon will not work with other products.

After you click Create Coupon, the coupon will be ready to use. If you'd like to make changes visit Coupons within site-admin, and choose edit to the right of the coupon.

Coupons are only created in Stripe for subscriptions

When you choose to create a coupon for subscriptions, it will automatically create the coupon within Stripe. Stripe doesn't have coupons for orders, so Mavenseed reduces the amount in-app before sending over to Stripe.

Keeping track of coupon usage.

To view analytics of your coupon; number of times used, and if it was used more on subscriptions or orders click the View button under the Actions column while viewing the list of coupons.

Editing your Coupon

Currently any edits to a subscription coupon on Mavenseed will not update stripe. This is a limitation of Stripe. A work-around would be to create a new coupon code with the desired settings.

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