October 2022

October 18th

  • Fixed page titles not appearing on custom pages
  • Added a customer app preference setting for Theater Mode on Lessons with videos.
  • Theater mode now expands to 100% of the screen
  • Topic replies marked as correct have an improved design across dark and light themes.
  • Fixed color picker not working on manually added variants for custom merch
  • Customer accounts will now be locked if exceeding more than 5 failed login attempts, and admins have the capability to unlock customer accounts.
  • Improved Mailchimp Tag syncing - now syncing status-pending and status-pending-canceled Mailchimp tags for subscriptions that have not yet been paid for, or for subscriptions that have been removed after the customer clicks "no thanks" on the abandoned subscription CTA
  • Improved notification display for questions asked on lessons
  • Fixed Wistia Stat API authentication
  • Changed reports to calculate from sub_total as opposed to total_cents (which includes tax and shipping)
  • When creating a course, the current author is now pre-selected as the course author
  • Fixed container classes causing a shift of filtering items on content views
  • Enabled the slimmed down version of the editor for subscription plan descriptions
  • Changed community topic title to be an h1 tag (retaining h4 styling)
  • Moved the site title from an h1 tag to an h2 tag