June 2020

  • Ratings Plugin + JSON LD for Google(admin only)
  • User & Customer Privacy Center
  • Policies
  • User & Customer Consents
  • User & Customer Data Exports
  • User & Customer Account Deletion
  • Improved Activity Center
  • New activity events listing and filtering
  • New UTM Campaign reports
  • New single course stats
  • New single live stream stats
  • New single download stats
  • Dashboard updated with recent activity block
  • Updated password mailers to come from mavens email
  • Updated revenue and order stats to account for refunds
  • Fixed pdf error in app admin
  • Fixed email recipient for answer mailer
  • Added quick order/subscription creation to admin customer view
  • Added a way to clear any set filters when filtering content views in admin
  • Site scripts moved to separate screen, and code editor enabled
Last modified 2yr ago