August 2022

Aug 23rd

  • New! Mavens can now sell merch via Printful

  • New signup onboarding flow

  • Added sales and revenue figures to admin/download and admin/courses

  • Zapier Integration has been refactored to support multiple webhooks

  • Fixed customer name bug on admin subscription plans

  • Fixed weird formatting when pasting into editor

  • Fixed (switch) plan appearing if there's only one active subscription plan

  • Fixed index on subscription plans causing error when attempting to save with a blank stripe id

  • Fixed slow loading db call for ContentAuthor filter causing longer than necessary page loads when viewing content index pages within admin

  • fixed TaxJar error with shipping and tax cents not returning 0 if empty

  • fixed error when viewing legacy standalone content with no course

  • fixed error when customers use YT Shorts in Project Items

  • fixed error when viewing a course with a playlist that does not exist

  • fixed printful webhook regression with synced

Aug 24th

  • fixed error preventing multiple of the same printful catalog id products to be added

  • fixed error if playlist not found

  • fixed error for tax cents on braintree webhooks

  • fixed error on printful tab if no product set

Aug 25th

  • merchandise image now opens in a lightbox

  • now truncating content in content widget

  • fixed view count error on merch and playlists in content widget

  • fixed errors with missing sell merch partial

  • added a way to re-fetch printful mockup media

  • fix coupon field not functioning due to faulty conditional when paypal is activated

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