Exercises (Assignments)

Overview on how to add an Exercise (Assignment) to your Course

An incredible powerful tool available to you is to create Exercises to have your customers test their knowledge learned from your content. Exercises are a great way to promote community engagement.

To add an Exercise to your Course

  1. Click the three dot menu icon in the upper right hand corner of the content block. Choose Add Exercise from the drop-down menu. This will slide out the Create Exercise panel on the right hand side of your browser.

  • Exercise Title: Be descriptive and compelling

  • Content, or Description of the Exercise: Here is where you can go into detail about what you'd like to see your customers accomplish.

There are five different types of Exercises that you can create. These determine what type of submission the customer will submit.


Examples of this would be if you're running a photography class and would like your students to submit their homework as an image to the site. Or if you're running a 3D Modeling class and would like to have your students submit their still frame renders.

When submitting to an exercise, the customer will be able to upload an image (5MB limit) with the submission.


This allows customers to submit files with their submission. The uploader supports multiple, large files at a single time.


Text Submissions enable you to have students submit things such as code, or narrative for a writing class.


In this type of Exercise, customers will be able to supply a link to any public video on YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia.


With Sketchfab based exercise submissions, customers can submit a link to any public Sketchfab model.

To review and Grade Exercises

As your students submit their exercise submissions, those will show up in your Activity tab. Additionally, if you are listed as an author on the course, then you will be send an in-app notification when a student submits their assignment.

Grading exercises is done by viewing the event associated with the exercise submission. From here you can either pass, or fail the submission and supply any notes. The staff member who grades the submission is then listed as the instructor.

The customer will receive a notification of their grade, and at this point a private comment system will be opened between the submission, and the customer (any author can respond in the comments).

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