An overview on how to customize the links within your site's navigation

By default your site's menu will include links to the various features that are available within Mavenseed. As you begin structuring your content, you have the ability to rename and re-order these to your liking.

While viewing your Settings > Links within your site's admin, click on the Add a Link link just below the existing site links in place.

At any time you may click and drag the order of your links to adjust how they display on your site.

If you happen to remove one of the core pages, no worries. Here is a list of core links available within Mavenseed.

Here's a few pages you can link to:

  • Blog /posts

  • Courses /courses

  • Downloads /downloads

  • Streams /live-streams

  • Community /community

  • Customer Login . /customers/sign_in

  • Register /register

  • Subscribe /subscribe

To add a submenu or nested menu

While viewing the Links tab within Settings, click the drop-down menu next to any existing link.

This will crate a drop-down menu within your main navigation.

Note: Creating a submenu makes the top level of that menu not-clickable. This is by design following this discussion.

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