Customize your site and make it yours by including your logo, and adjusting the color scheme and layout options.

Pro Tip: The 2nd option for the header layout works great with logos that are too small to fit into the header bar in the first layout option.

Heads up! It can take a few seconds for color changes to appear on your site. We're compiling a lot of code under the hood. :)

  • Primary Color: Primary color is the color used for all buttons, links, and other call outs,

  • Text Color: Primary color used for text used on your site,

  • Background Color: Primary color used for the background of your site's pages,

  • Card Color: Primary color of the text within content cards. Cards are used to box or wrap your content on your site; posts, live streams, courses and downloads,

  • Card BG Color: Primary color of the background of your content cards.

Pro Tip: While you can set the general theming of your site here. While using the Page Builder you'll have more granular control of what your content looks like.

Header Layout

The header layout changes the structure of look of the navigation and logo bar at the top of your site. You may choose between a condensed version for a cleaner, more simple look, or a version with a header bar that offers more separation between the header and the rest of the page.

Page Layouts

After creating a page, scroll down to reveal further display options for that specific page. Header, Page and Footer Layout & Page Width + Background Images.

Looking for more customizations? We're early in development of this area, email us at to let us know what you're looking for.

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