Welcome to Mavenseed 🎉

Mavenseed is your platform for selling digital content. Let us help you get started!

Welcome to Mavenseed!

Your platform for selling digital content and growing an audience for your business. Whether you're migrating from another platform or building your new business with Mavenseed from the ground up, we're here to help and glad to have you.

Migrating from another platform? Send us an email and we'll be happy to assist with the process.

After you registration, you'll be on your way to create your first landing page, digital download or online streaming course. Don't worry, we're here for you along the way, if you have any questions along the way we're just an email away support@mavenseed.com.

What can I do with Mavenseed?

Mavenseed is here to help you sell your digital content, build an audience, and to share your skills through teaching. Whether you have content created already, or are looking to sell digital content online, Mavenseed can help you to:

  • Quickly create an online site to manage the digital hosting and streaming of your content.

  • Create and sell online training courses that include pre-recorded streaming videos, text based lectures, downloadable content, quizzes and interactive exercises.

  • Build your audience by collecting email addresses of those interested in your product, and grow a community through our built-in forum.

  • Expand your business by integrating 3rd-party integrations such as Zapier and Google Analytics.

  • Create a membership based business through our Subscription tools.

  • Use as a Youtube Companion Tool to build a community or begin selling digital goods around your Youtube Streams,

  • Stay compliant with increasingly complicated digital sales tax requirements through our native integration with TaxJar and EU Value Added Tax handling.

Ready to grow your business on Mavenseed?

Now that you know what Mavenseed can do for you go ahead and click over to Initial Setup to begin planting the first seeds of your future business.

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