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Webhooks are available on all paid subscription plans.
Mavenseed has a powerful behavioral events system that you can tap into via webhooks. We can send data over the wire to any URL of your choice. Here's how it works.
Head to your sites listing within your account, and select "Webhooks" from the dropdown menu.
Select Webhooks from the site dropdown within Account/Sites
Provide a valid URL for the events to be sent to. Then, choose a few events that you'd like us to send.
Provide a valid URL, then choose events to send.
Here's the full list of events that we currently support. See anything that's missing? Just reach out and let us know.
Event Name
Added to Cart
Added to Newsletter
Completed Course
Completed Lesson
Created Account
Created Answer
Created Question
Failed Quiz
Passed Quiz
RSVP to LiveStream
UnRSVP to LiveStream
Signed in
Started Course
Submitted Exercise
Viewed Checkout
Viewed Course
Viewed Download
Viewed LiveStream
Viewed Plans
Viewed Post
Viewed Subscribe
The event is sent in JSON. Here's an example of the event that's sent.
"uuid" => "d131a0d3-ace4-4e61-961f-5ae52e1017b8",
"object" => "event",
"type" => "viewed_checkout",
"created" => "1585155369",
"customer => "[email protected]",
"data" => {}
This is specific to the event and can be used to find the event via the API.
This is always event.
The type of event as listed above.
When the event was created, in seconds since the epoch
The email of the customer, if the customer was logged in at the time.
Additional event specific data used in some events.