Customize what data is required to contact you, make a purchase or create an account.

Your site comes with four stock forms you may use and customize out of the gate.

  • Purchase or checkout - Form filled out to make a single purchase,

  • Contact - A contact form that will be sent to your site's admin email address,

  • Subscribe - Used by members subscribing to a subscription offered on your site,

  • Register - Different from subscribe, typically used for free account registration.

To begin customizing the form click Edit to the right of the form you'd like to adjust.

Some data is required for a form and may not be removed. If so the trash can icon will be grayed out.

Fields may be reordered by clicking the move icon and dragging the field to the preferred location, auto-saving the form.

Adding a new custom field

You may add as many custom fields as you'd like. Dragging in a new custom field will trigger a modal to appear enabling you to fill out additional information about the field.

  • Input Label: This is the name of the field visible,

  • Field Type: Single line of text, area text for longer answers or a number,

  • Field Hint: Displayed below the field to your member to help them along,

  • Is this field required: Make the field required or not by your member.

Form FAQ

When a member submits a contact form where does it go?

The contact form will be submitted to the site email set underneath the communications tab.

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