Projects ($)
This is a premium plugin offered at $79 per year.
You and your customers can create their own gallery projects containing images, video, and 3D models hosted on Sketchfab. Each project can be customized with categories, a unique cover image, and as a site admin you can feature specific projects to be displayed as Staff Picks.
Viewing all projects.
Viewing a single project.


    add images, YouTube videos, or Sketchfab models
    site admins and customers can create projects
    supports Bookmark and Comment plugins
    site admins can feature projects as a Staff Pick
    supports categories
    filterable, searchable, and sortable
This plugin will create a few new pages on your site.
    /projects - This is where all of the projects can be found.
    /projects/new - Logged in users and customers can create projects here.
    /projects/project-name - Where to find a specific project.
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