Your Orders page lists all of orders from customers of your site.

The Orders page of your admin view gives you quick access to all of the orders your customers have purchased from you.

View an Order

To view a single order click View in the order list, which will take you to a details screen for that specific order.

From this detail screen you can see the specific details, such as transaction information, what the customer purchased, the associated customer or guest email, and access to the Receipt.

Edit an Order

To modify a Order click the three dots next to View to bring up the Actions dropdown and then choose Edit:

From here you may modify the associated customer or change the guest email on the order.

Delete an Order

You may remove an order from the Actions dropdown in the index view by clicking Destroy or by pressing the Delete Order button on the single order view. Clicking either of these will present with you a confirmation prompt, preventing accidental deletions.

Deleting an order is irreversible! Please be absolutely sure this is what you want to do before proceeding.

Refunding Orders

Orders can be refunded by viewing the order in admin, and clicking the blue "refund" button at the top right.

Once presented with the form you can choose the amount to refund, add any notes, and additionally revoke access for any of the items within the order.

Once an order item access is revoked the customer will no longer have access to this product, and a label will appear as such after you've processed the refund.

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