Ensuring Subscription Plans are Synced with Stripe

In some early Beta accounts the pro

In some early beta accounts the Stripe Product ID was not synced during the account creation. To fix this follow these steps.

How to tell if your subscriptions plans are out of sync with your Stripe account?

In some early BETA accounts, subscription plans may be missing their Stripe Subscription IDs. This is typically caused by the Stripe Product ID missing at the site account level. Sounds complicated, though only a couple things to check. 😎

If your Subscription Plans on Mavenseed are missing their Stripe Subscription IDs, here is how you go about fixing that.

To find out if your Subscription Plans are missing their Stripe ID's

  1. With your Mavenseed Admin account click on Subscriptions and then Subscription Plans,

  2. Using the drop-down menu to the right of the Subscription Plan name choose to Edit,

  3. Scroll down to Stripe Plan ID. If this is missing, you'll need to two one of two things to correct.

Option 1: Delete the subscription plan within Mavenseed after ensuring your Stripe Product ID is there.

Then re-create the plan. When you re-create the plan confirm there is a Stripe Plan ID in place after you save it. If not please reach out to support@mavenseed.com

Option 2: Has a few more steps, though if you have active subscribers already a plan this may be the way to go.

  1. First, we'll need to grab the Stripe's Unique Plan ID for your Product. a.k.a. Your Subscription Plan for the Product created within Stripe,

  2. Login to your Stripe account and head over to Billing > Products,

  3. Click on the name of your Product,

  4. Scroll down to Pricing Plans, and click on the plan name you're looking to sync,

  5. Under Details, there is a unique ID. Copy this and head back to the edit screen on your Mavenseed Subscription plan,

  6. Paste the Unique ID into the Stripe Plan ID on Mavenseed,

  7. Click Update Plan.

That should do it! We're here to help if anything comes up - support@mavenseed.com

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