Sell multiple products at once by combining them into a bundle!

It's quite common for Mavens to create products that are related to another product, such as a Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced set of courses. Each of these course products may be offered individually through Single Purchases but you may also combine them into a grouped product through the use of Bundles.

Bundles are any combination of Courses, Downloads, and Live Streams.

How to create a bundle

While the below is walking you through how to create a Download bundle, the process to create a Course & Live Stream bundle is similar.

First decide which type of bundle you'd like to create. In our case we're going to create a download bundle. Start by heading over to downloads in your site admin, and clicking the green New Download button on the top right.

1) Create a new download as you normally would by adding in Title & Short Description to get things started,

2) On the Edit screen you're welcome to fill in additional information; images, categories and authors,

3)Click on the Sell Tab, Scrolling down to paid access and choose Bundle underneath Product type. This of this product you're creating as the wrapper or basket you're going to add your other products to.

4) Click the + Add Products button to choose which other products you'd like to include within your bundle.

5) Click Create Product.

6) View the bundle page to further customize the page through the Page Builder.

When you're ready mark your bundle as public. 👍

Products you include in your bundle will not be affected as an individual product for sale. Customers will be able to purchase the individual product and or the Bundle.

Any customer that purchases the bundle will immediately have access to all products included. ed products would be if purchased separately.

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