Selling Options

Offering paid or free access to your YouTube Live streams via Mavenseed is a great way to leverage your existing audiences while building a community around your brand.

If you're offering paid access through Mavenseed to YouTube Live streams, it is recommended you list your YouTube Live stream as Unlisted. This will not notify your subscribers or be searchable. Be aware that the URL may still be accessed if known. Any questions on this let us know!

By default all of your products can be purchased individually. Additionally you may create a subscription offering. Enabling customers to subscribe to your site at a recurring period to retain access to your content.

On the Selling Options page you may choose to Enable Free Access to your Live Stream or adjust your selling options: price, single purchase or bundled, and whether or not to include in the MavenFeed.

  1. Price: Choose the price you'd like to sell this piece of content individually. If you're not sure what to price it out as, email us at and we'll do our best to assist.

  2. Product Type:

    1. Single Purchase: Meaning you're selling this product as an individual product

    2. Bundle Purchase: You can create bundles of digital content. Choosing Bundle will reveal the bundle menu where you can attach other products created within your site.

Delete Attached Product

If you've changed your mind and would like to offer your product available for free, click the Delete Attached Product button. This will reset your product to it's default state so you can choose free access.

Content Accessible only with a Subscription?

Check this box if you're not interested in selling your product individually through your Mavenseed site. Instead of an Add to Cart, logged out, not subscribed members will see a Subscribe button.

For members which are subscribed, they will see a View button when logged in and active.

Add product to a subscription plan

After you've decided to sell the product, added a price and saved it. You'll have the ability to also assign the product to an existing subscription plan directly from the sell tab on the product.

To include this product within a paid subscription, head over to Subscriptions > Plans to edit the plan you'd like this product to be included within.

Show in the Mavenfeed?

One of the most challenging things about starting an online business is distribution, and growing the audience to distribute to. We've created Mavenfeed as an opportunity to increase awareness of your hard work. Checking the box will populate your product publicly in this feed.

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