Creating Manual Orders

Sometimes the transaction happens manually through Check, Handshake or Direct Deposit.

How to create a manual order for a customer

Start by visiting your Mavenseed site admin, click on Orders and then click the green Create Manual Order button in the upper right hand corner.

This will bring up the New Order form. Before proceeding make sure you know which customer, product and price the transaction is for.

The customer must first exist within your site before you can process the manual order. If they don't exist ask them to register for a free account first on your site.

  1. Add Customer: Here you can search for the customer you'd like to process the manual order for.

  2. Add Items:

    1. The Item Title: This can be exactly the name of the product or something that best describes the product,

    2. item Amount: If you're giving it away, it's okay to leave blank. If not put in the amount of the product you've sold it for,

    3. Product: Choose the product you're delivering to your customer,

  3. You may add multiple items per order,

  4. Add Payment:

    1. Sub Total and Total are to be filled out manually for greater customization of your transaction and your customers records.

  5. Choose whether you're simply logging the transaction, or if you'd like to send a Customer Receipt via email.

    1. If you send an email receipt, this will automatically send to your customer from your email address set up in your site settings.

Clicking Create Order will send the email, and redirect you to the order details page. The customer will be able access their downloads at any time by logging into their account and visiting the orders tab.

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