July 2022

We've been working hard.
  • The Cart and Subscription signup UI and flow has been completely redesigned to use Stripe Checkout
  • order and subscriptions now use Stripe Checkout
  • sales tax, vat, and gst can now be collected on subscription payments
  • fixed sort by featured filter on playlists
  • we now display the item thumbnail within a playlist view
  • don't show sales on downloads unless the download has sales
  • changed subscribe page title to "Join now"
  • added live stream and admin search for categories and sub categories
  • projects can now be loved and includes setting for notifying of comments
  • added scroll to top functionality on community forum
  • added way for users to report comments if Helpscout is installed
  • customer billing fields added to cart and subscription checkout
  • structured data fixes (escaping quotes)
  • Customers, and Users (Mavens), can now view and delete all payment methods from stripe, as well as setting a new default card to be charged
  • Sticky header with customer info now displays on events when scrolling down (CGC request)
  • Added the above ability to admin/customers/subscription and admin/subscription views
  • Redesigned page titles and added breadcrumbs to lessons, downloads, and live streams
  • Now displaying categories, sub categories, or tags on individual pieces of content (for a lesson, it references the course)
  • added recaptcha to customer password request endpoint
  • fixed currency not being sent to Google Analytics subscribe event
  • fixed paypal IPN domain check
  • fixed home page title/description not appearing

July 18th

  • fixed error mapping cart changes with checkout
  • added check for start time on live stream show prevents error if no start time set
  • added logic to animate scroll to top away from footer

July 27th

  • App level subscription and plugin subscription rewrite for Stripe Checkout
  • Projects that are featured can now be sent to Zapier
  • Fixed display issue with embedded YouTube video on a live LiveStream
  • Use TaxJar sandbox for staging and live for production
  • Fixed Stripe Product not being updated when App Product title is changed
  • Now syncing description and image to Stripe Product when App Product updated
  • Fixed course listing order in admin
  • Fixed broken doc links in tax settings
  • Integrated GTM into top level subs
  • Fixed revoke tag missing in some areas when an order is refunded or partially refunded
Last modified 1yr ago