Media Library

The media tab within your site admin is where you can upload, organize, and edit images or videos within your site.

In most cases you will upload images using the editor within posts, pages, and other content. But it's possible to upload images here that you can group into albums, which can be displayed as a leaf within the page builder.

Uploading Media

Simply drag and drop images into the main screen to upload them. They will immediately start processing and will be available for organizing or editing. Clicking on the image will allow you to edit the title and/or caption.

Creating Galleries

Within the Albums tab, you can create galleries made of images. Click the Add Gallery button, then give it a title and description. After creating the gallery you will be presented with a screen that will allow you to choose images from your gallery to populate the album with.

You can also drag and drop images onto this screen and they will be preselected once they are done processing.

Displaying Galleries

Use the page builder to display a gallery on your website. The images will be displayed in a lightbox when clicked.

  1. Create a new page, then click the "Edit Landing Page" button

  2. Click this button to open the page builder leaf panel.

3. Locate the Gallery page leaf in the panel, then drag it onto the screen.

4. Within the settings, choose the album that you just created. You also have a few additional options like how many columns to show, and how big the spacing should be in between the images.

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