November 2020
    New and improved WYSIWYG editor
    App Admin posts can now be scheduled
    Fixed builder not accessible by supers
    Import utility updates
    Fixed border color on community replies
    Fixed order of answers on question event view
    New Site management dashboard
    Fixed reviews showing when plugin deactivated
    Fixed links not opening in new window

Nov 23rd

    Coupons in admin can now be searched sorted, and filtered
    New internal infrastructure to track coupon usage
    Added option to export coupons under Data Exports in Site Settings in Account
    Added internal infrastructure so that exercises can support video and sketchfab type submissions
    Fixed game level not able to be deleted in plugin settings
    Add tags and categories support for playlists, and lessons (internal*)
    Added bookmark support for questions (internal*)
    Added metadata columns to multiple tables (supports migration of EDU)
    Added custom css classes to questions list (ms--question-list) and questions form (ms--question-form) for site styling purposes
    Fixed domain name instructions not appearing after saving custom domain

Up Next

    added the ability for page leafs to be duplicated
    numerous under the hood bug fixes

Nov 30th

    better detection of empty coupons fixes post op order jobs (and order confirmation emails) sometimes not firing
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