August 2020
    New Projects Plugin (includes customer preferences under account for mature setting)
    Improved account invites with ability to select role (staff, author)
    Changes to allow codebase to run on staging
    JS validation added for 5mb file limit on image uploader fields
    New /author area for authors added to the site with a role of author
    Fixed "Author" badge on comments
    Fixed bug with coming soon page sometimes created multiple times
    Tenant css now compiled after site plugin is activated
    Added JS validation for empty quill fields
    removed old templates table
    moved ip address pickup method to request.headers['HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP'] from request.remote_ip
    fix conditionals preventing author access to admin, builder, widgets
    added option to site links to add custom css class, which can be used to style the element in the scripts settings
    added option to image leaf in page builder to optimize the loading of the image (a.k.a., lazy loading)
    added ability for customers to delete their own exercise submissions
    fixed questions asked through lessons not triggering event
    fixed the dates in subscription history to use local time to reduce confusion with the expiration in the info card
    Added a new option to MediaText, Hero, and Button leafs to select a product, which will turn the button into an "Add to Cart"
    subscription plan supported features
    social sharing plugin for maven market
    social sharing added to order confirmation
    Wistia embed replaced with fancy version
    Wistia Rewind
    support for selling gift cards
    fixed multiple carts adding multiple headings to checkout
Last modified 10mo ago
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