Automate your U.S. sales tax collection, reporting, and remittance through TaxJar.

Mavenseed integrates with TaxJar for collecting, reporting, and remitting sales tax for U.S. businesses. The decision and requirements for you to collect sales tax on your digital products depends on wether or not you have physical or economic nexus within a given state.

Not sure if you need to collect sales tax? Is nexus gibberish to you? Start by reading TaxJar's helpful guide here:

Configuring TaxJar in Mavenseed

If you need to collect U.S. sales tax on your digital products in Mavenseed then you must first sign up for a TaxJar account. Once that is done all you need is your Live Token for the SmartCalcs API.

You may find your Live Token via TaxJar > Account > SmartCalcs API.

Once you have located the Live Token copy and paste it into your Mavenseed TaxJar API Key, which you can find under Settings > Taxes > TaxJar API Key

Enter your TaxJar API key to collect sales tax in nexus states

When Sales Tax is Collected

Sales Tax will be collected on your customers purchases if the below criteria is meant:

  1. TaxJar is configured (steps shown above)

  2. You have designated at least one state with nexus in TaxJar

  3. The customer is located within a state with nexus while purchasing

If those three criteria are meant then sales tax will be collected and reported to your TaxJar account such that you may then handle remittance to the applicable states by whichever method you deem best.