Customizing your site

Use our customization tools to adapt your Mavenseed site to your brand needs

Mavenseed allows you to choose from a variety of preset options and change certain settings to adjust the look and feel of your site.

Site Settings

Site Name

This is the name of your site, which will be shown in the header and footer.

This is the course that will be shown front and center on your homepage. Featuring a course is useful for bring extra focus to a new release or for otherwise highlighting content that's relevant.


Header Layout

The header layout changes the structure of look of the navigation and logo bar at the top of your site. You may choose between a condensed version for a cleaner, more simple look, or a version with a header bar that offers more separation between the header and the rest of the page.


Primary Color

The primary color is the color used for all buttons, links, and other call outs.